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Data Infrastructure Engineered for the AI

A new data storage architecture for the future.

VAST Data was founded on the idea that the future of artificial intelligence must be built on fast infrastructure that enables AI engines to process data at any scale.​

To fulfill this vision, VAST designed the first new distributed system architecture with a mission to eliminate compromises and unify storage environments into a single scalable, affordable and resilient flash tier.

Conceived 20 years after Google introduced the idea of “Share-Nothing” systems, the new VAST “Disaggregated and Shared-Everything” DASE architecture is designed to break the conventional scalability limits of distributed systems.

DASE combines capacity with performance, data with rich metadata, edge with cloud, and simplicity with scale. Data and systems concepts that were once mutually exclusive now coexist harmoniously on a platform that IDC considers “The Architecture of the Future.”

The VAST Plataform

The VAST Platform is a transformative data infrastructure offering, unifying storage, database, and compute engine services into a scalable system that is built from the ground up for the future of AI.

The functional areas of the system are divided into some components that are combined into a single platform:

  • VAST DataStore is the platform’s base all-flash NVMe storage. The DataStore is responsible for persisting data and making it available through all the different protocols (NFS, SMB, S3, etc.) that applications can write to or read from.
  • VAST DataBase is the system’s database management service that writes tables to the system and allows real-time queries on large volumes of tabular data and cataloged metadata.
  • VAST DataEngine is the declarative system function execution environment that allows serverless functions and event notifications to be deployed and executed on the platform.

  • VAST DataSpace provides the global namespace for data access from the edge to the cloud. By breaking the trade-off between strict consistency and local performance, DataSpace makes it possible to compute data from any public, private, or edge cloud platform.

Use Cases

All-Flash NAS Storage at Exascale

The right storage for modern workloads

Simplicity at scale.

High-performance client access. VAST DataStore adopts open, standard protocols (NFS, SMB, S3, K8S SCI) and combines them with high-performance optimizations to eliminate the need for complex client-side storage drivers such as parallel file systems or SAN clients.​

The VAST NFS experience, in particular, takes the classic NAS experience and “turns it up to 11,” featuring support for RDMA multi-pathing, and even Nvidia’s GPUDirect storage APIs.​

A multiprotocol enterprise architecture.

All VAST protocols are written in-house to provide the best performance and permissions experience. By owning and controlling the entire stack, each protocol is designed to work seamlessly with the abstract namespace called the Element Store. With VAST, all protocols share equal access to data and enjoy equal access to performance.​

VAST NFS is already powering some of the largest government labs, animation studios, seismic processing centers, bioinformatics pipelines, hedge fund research networks, AI efforts, and more. Customers are reporting more performance from VAST than they have seen from their legacy parallel file systems and any other NAS options. VAST is simple, affordable, and applications thrive after moving to flash.

Main benefits

  • High-performance customers. NFs, SMB, S3, GPUDirect, K8S CSI
  • Disaggregated storage containers. Linearly scales up to 10,000 x86 machines
  • High-performance Fabric Storage. Data center-scale Ethernet or InfiniBand
  • Scale to exabytes with low-cost Flash. Shared NVMe accessible by all containers

All Flash Data Lake & Analytics

The accelerated Data Lake for all your applications.

Simplify your analytics pipelines with a fully coherent view of structured and unstructured data on a unified data platform that accelerates real-time insights. The VAST data platform powers advanced analytics with file, object, and database services with unmatched performance, scale, and accessibility.

As modern query engines like Spark and Trino replaced Hadoop, organizations abandoned HDFS and DAS-based architectures in favor of AWS S3-based object storage. However, S3’s lower performance required query engines to introduce workarounds such as middleware caching, which greatly complicated the architectures.

VAST solves performance and scalability challenges for open platform analytics with scalable NFS that delivers parallel file system levels of performance. Cloud-native applications benefit from VAST’s high-performance S3 implementation combined with full multi-protocol interoperability. Data management at scale is simple with VAST Catalog, an always-synchronized automatic metadata index built on VAST DataBase that lets you search and find data through an intuitive interface and SQL interface for advanced queries and workflow automation.

Main Benefits

  • Linearly Scalable Transactions.
  • End to complex data engineering.
  • Complex queries run 100 times faster.
  • Global namespace.
  • Consistent snapshots across multiple tables.
  • Unbeatable data reduction.

Integration with the main Big Data & Analytics technologies

All-Flash Enterprise Backup & Recovery

The ransomware’s worst enemy

The VAST data platform is an all-flash, scalable, file and object system that offers a huge advantage in the race for ransomware solutions. Powered by an all-new system architecture, VAST eliminates the scale and performance limitations of specific backup appliances (PBBAs) to enable rapid backups and immediate recovery from large-scale ransomware attacks.

The prevalence of ransomware attacks means IT organizations need to be prepared for enterprise-wide systems recovery. Many of the prominent backup solutions on the market today were born in the tape era, setting a low bar for performance while placing a premium on cost savings. Legacy PBBAs focus on meeting backup windows while implementing data reduction technologies that impose a severe restore penalty of up to 4x to 10x compared to backup speed. Often, clients discover this recovery limitation at the worst possible times.

The VAST platform enables organizations to restore 50x faster than legacy PBBAs. With support for advanced data protection features such as object locking, ransomware-proof snapshots, and instant recovery capabilities, VAST is the foundation for a future-proof data protection strategy.

Main benefits

  • Revolutionary Flash Economy.
  • 50× faster restores.
  • Protect data against ransomware.
  • Accelerate backups at any scale.
  • Get backup information.
  • Ultra-resilient, ultra-reliable.

Integration with the main Backup & Recovery technologies

All-Flash Media & Video Storage

The platform for real-time content

Capture, create, catalogue, stream and analyze video and media content at flash speed. Outperform the competition, improve time to market, and monetize your files. The VAST data platform is the first all-flash architecture that delivers cutting-edge performance for the most demanding production workflows at the cost of one file.

Today’s media and broadcast studios typically deploy a complex mix of storage systems, each dedicated to a small part of the workflow. Studios need streaming storage to power high-bandwidth editorial and playback applications, transactional storage for rendering/VFX workflows, and large, low-cost storage for media archiving and VOD source storage. These systems become silos that complicate workflows, impede collaboration among distributed teams, and make implementing cloud-based pipelines a challenge.

VAST data platform combines the consistent, low-latency performance of all-flash with the economics of file storage systems. With VAST, studios can consolidate their production and archiving requirements into a single, easy-to-manage platform that can scale to exabytes while supporting hundreds of high-resolution video streams or rendering requirements. on a large scale. Studios are able to easily support concurrent projects with granular QoS policies that ensure high-priority workflows never run out of performance.


Main benefits

  • All-Flash, with savings at archiving level.
  • Manage billions of assets with ease.
  • Power cloud-based pipelines. 
  • A unified, multi-protocol platform.
  • Massive expansion performance.
  • Eliminate storage tiers.

Integration with the main Media Content Technologies


All-Flash AI Platform

The data platform for the AI era

Trusted by the world’s leading AI organizations to provide the scale, speed and reliability needed to serve the entire AI data pipeline, VAST accelerates time to insight by providing the only data platform capable of meeting the needs of data capture, data preparation, model training and model serving.

Every industry is at the dawn of a new AI-powered era, thanks to exponential advances in artificial intelligence. Still, the barrier to entry is high for many IT organizations. New machine learning workloads, such as training generative AI models, exceed the performance and scaling capabilities of traditional enterprise infrastructures. HPC systems based on parallel file systems provide adequate performance, but complexity and lack of enterprise features make support difficult for many IT teams.

Meet VAST, a comprehensive AI data platform with performance and scalability for the most demanding AI applications, combined with revolutionary data efficiency technologies that reduce the cost of flash for file-tier economics. When all data across the entire pipeline is available at high performance, training and fulfillment workflows are streamlined and time to insights is reduced.

Main Benefits

  • A unified, multi-protocol platform.
  • AI-optimized customer access.
  • Unified support for data preparation and model training.
  • Simplified data pipelines.
  • Access data from the edge to the cloud.
  • Multi-Tenant Security

Integration with leading AI technologies

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