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AI for text, audio, video and image data

AI platform for all enterprise data

IDOL provides a unified AI platform to analyze unstructured text, audio, video and image data. With support for data integration from more than 200 corporate repositories, open sources and the most powerful file parser on the market with the ability to extract data from more than 1,500 formats, IDOL allows you to break integration barriers and apply advanced AI models (LLM ) to identify patterns, enrich content, detect and consume relevant information simply and immediately in natural language (NLP). All this while maintaining the most rigorous information security policies and compliance processes.

Whether local, cloud or hybrid deployments, IDOL unlocks the potential of AI for 100% of your content without compromises and with better cost predictability, freeing up access to full analytical functionality without the complexity of API consumption calculators.

The IDOL Platform

IDOL provides more than 1,000 out-of-the-box analysis functions, including:

  • AI Enterprise Search. Find the most relevant information securely and immediately in millions of digital assets spread across all corporate repositories, in any file format. IDOL is a powerful search and collaboration tool integrated with AI and enterprise-grade security, including advanced features such as: semantic search, relevance analysis, profiles, recommendations, format preview, vector search, and much more.
  • NLP & Text Analytics. IDOL allows you to implement ChatGPT-like virtual assistants/Chatbots, leveraging the power of LLM models to generate accurate responses with generative AI from content inside the company repositories. IDOL also allows you to analyze documents to classify and extract complex information, including advanced features such as: generating automatic summaries, extracting data from tables, entities and personal data, automatic classification and much more.
  • Audio Analytics. IDOL allows you to enrich and analyze live or on-demand audio content by leveraging AI functions to detect and extract patterns of auditory information, including: multi-language voice transcription, speaker detection, music detection, audio comparison , detect and prevent censored words or sounds, and much more.
  • Visual Analytics. IDOL allows you to enrich and analyze image and video content live or on-demand by leveraging AI functions to detect and extract patterns from visual information, including: OCR text detection and extraction, facial detection and analysis, static and moving object detection , image description and comparison, scene analysis, color analysis, detect and prevent prohibited visual content and much more.

Use Cases

AI Search & Knowledge Mining

Harness the power of knowledge

Professionals from organizations in the most diverse sectors, such as lawyers, engineers, doctors, teachers, police officers, investigators and others, need to access information in many systems and digital data repositories with precision, speed and security. Digital information has grown exponentially in organizations, not only in volume, but in complexity. Various corporate systems such as SAP, Sharepoint, Office 365, Google Drive, OneDrive, network folders, email, web sites, social channels, audio, video and images are examples of repositories where corporate data resides and where professionals access every day on their jobs.

The problem is that each system and repository stores data of different nature with different security rules and policies. The people responsible for information and knowledge management in organizations are concerned with:

  • How much does the work time of a specialized professional cost, and how much of this time is spent searching for information?
  • How much does it cost to not find critical information for organization?
  • How much does it cost for organization to lose the knowledge developed by specialist professionals over time? And what happens to knowledge when these professionals leave the company?

Having a unified platform that allows professionals to immediately find the information they need with high precision, ease and speed is essential for knowledge-based organizations. The knowledge that resides in organizations’ repositories and systems is a valuable asset, as long as the relevant information can be accessed when it is needed.

IDOL allows professionals to collaborate and access existing knowledge in any internal or external information repository, immediately and accurately across millions of assets in any format, maintaining security and information access policies.

AI Documents Analysis

Extract relevant information from documents automatically

Contracts, invoices, purchase orders, quotations, manuals, reports, procedures, regulations, prescriptions, and many other types of documents contain relevant data and pieces of information. Extracting this data requires effort and spend time from professionals in many organizations every day.

During digital transformation, many companies automated their processes and invested in paper documents digitization, which generated digital stores of local or cloud documents, which often do not have a standard structure, classification or format, or were digitized in image formats, among other factors that add complexity on automatic process to analyze and extract relevant data in digital documents.

IDOL provides a powerful set of AI functions to analyze and extract information from disorganized document stores, enabling organizations to streamline processes and save professionals time when reviewing digital information in documents, including:


  • Text detection and OCR in images.
  • Images detection and interpretation in documents (photographs, objects, logos, mechanical parts and other products).
  • Automatic summaries generation based on content.
  • Contract clauses detection and extraction.
  • Extract data from tables in documents.
  • NER Entities and text patterns extraction including: Id numbers, names, values, products, dates, addresses and more…
  • Automatic classification based on document content, including different taxonomies. 

Generative AI Corporate Chatbots

Intelligent access to corporate information

ChatGPT has enhanced natural language processing capabilities to levels never seen before. The new Large Language Models (LLM) have made it possible to create much more intelligent and human conversational interaction, which allow for a better understanding of users’ questions, as well as the generation of more accurate, natural and contextual responses.

IDOL allows you to take advantage of the new capabilities of LLM models to generate more intelligent conversational assistants/Chatbots, for corporate-oriented content. The system receives questions from users and takes advantage of data from corporate repositories and systems to generate automatic responses in natural language, based on any type of digital content, taking care of compliance access rules and security policies in the company .

Examples of use:

  • Legal Information Analysis. Answers to questions from legal professionals about: parties, dates, fines, clauses and specific information about contracts and other legal documents.
  • Administrative & Financial Information Analysis. Generate responses and automatic reports of financial data from customers and suppliers such as: consumption, billing, payment dates, credits, etc.; analysis of invoices, purchase orders, receipts and other unstructured financial documents.
  • Compliance & Regulations Information Analysis. Answer questions about procedures and regulatory documentation in engineering, industry, construction, energy, and many other areas.
  • Medical Information Analysis. Answers to doctor’s questions about information associated with the patient’s history and diagnosis, stored in medical records, prescriptions and other medical documents.
  • Customer Service. Smarter online automated customer service assistants for e-commerce and service delivery.

AI Automatic Video Surveillance 

Automatic video security with AI

The new capabilities of computer vision AI models today allow us to detect visual events and patterns with greater precision than ever before. Adding intelligence to security video cameras to detect people, objects and specific events allows you to automate and increase efficiency and results in public and property security tasks, reduce work risks, increase productivity at industry  production processes and customer service.

IDOL includes a complete, scalable, adaptive analytics computer vision platform that can connect and process live video from up to thousands of different cameras to detect a variety of security events in real-time, including: facial detection, person detection, vehicle detection and license plate reading, object detection, clothing analysis, counting, perimeter analysis, scene analysis and more.

IDOL’s AI capabilities for video analytics allow you to create by camera-specific profile detection configurations, even for older cameras, to adapt to the needs of each scenario, client, and installed surveillance system. IDOL’s versatility allows you to connect directly to IP video cameras, DVR/NVR recording systems and even process already digitized video file stores. Once detection is made, IDOL generate alarms and save evidential content, as well as export the results to be integrated with other security systems or feed other types of analysis and reaction flows.

Use Examples:

  • People identification by facial recognition.
  • Right use of Uniform/PPE and clothing analysis.
  • People and objects detection in restricted areas.
  • People counting and crowd detection.
  • Accidents detection like people falling.
  • Car make, model and license plate detection.
  • Combine different detection analyses. Example: identify by facial detection, only people who are using PPE.

* Other objects and events can be configured by training specific AI models using IDOL.

AI-Enriched Media Content

Increase the value of media content

According to Gartner and IDC reports, the unstructured audio, video and image content are data type that grows the fastest and generates the largest volume in storages around the world.

The problem is that this type of data (media) is much more complex to store, retrieve, analyze and manage than other types of structured or semi-structured data, such as database records or text files.

Those organizations generating large volumes of audio, video and images, such as TV´s, radios, advertising agencies, social channels (like youtube), entertainment, journalism, marketing and social communication or even justice courts that implement public hearings or trials oral, need technology that helps simplify processes and reduce manual efforts to efficiently store, organize, retrieve and classify audio, video and image assets as quickly as content is generated.

IDOL provides a media content AI analytics platform to automatically analyze and enrich live or on-demand audio/video streams as well as image collections without the need for complex relocations or migrations and without dependence on specific clouds and consumption of APIs with high by hour and unpredictable costs. Once enriched, IDOL provides a powerful indexing tool that allows you to classify and retrieve any word, object, face or scene with high accuracy or easily integrate the enriched content simply with other systems such as DB, Data Lakes, DAM, MAM, Editorial and Production Systems.

Examples of use:


  • Automatic real-time speech-to-Text in audio/video streams to monitor, tagging and word search.
  • Automatic personalities detection (politicians, athletes, presenters, artists, etc.) by facial or voice identification.
  • Automatic videos, audio and images classification based on their audio & visual content.
  • Image search by vector similarity.
  • Copyright & Restricted Content Detection  & Redaction including: music, advertising, logos and others.
  • Scenes Detection for content production.

Personal Data AI Protection

Protect 100% of data and comply with the Privacy Personal Data Laws





Personal data protection laws, such as CCPA, GDPR, LGPD require additional security processes when processing data from natural persons in custody or stored by organizations. Maintaining the governance of personal data stored in corporate systems such as ERP, CRM, Email Servers or Databases is relatively simple using the tools that exist on the market today, however, more complex data such as enriched documents (Word, Excel, PPT) and even images, audio or video, require much more effort to detect personal data and, if required, generate anonymous content to comply with the anonymization requirements required by law to store or distribute personal information safetly.

IDOL provides the world’s most powerful file analyzer and extractor with native support for over 1,500 different formats, as well as a suite of AI capabilities that allow you to analyze any text, audio, video and image content. With these capabilities, IDOL allows you to detect any type of personal data in unstructured content such as: photos and identity documents, voice files, people’s names, addresses, identity numbers, account numbers, telephone numbers, data gender, age and other personal patterns data of natural persons that must be protected by personal data law. 

Once personal data has been detected, IDOL also offers tools to detect duplicates and anonymize personal data, including features for obfuscating (blur) faces in images and videos, hiding text in documents and images (redact), replacing parts of voice in audio files, so anonymous content can be used safely in the company, respecting the Personal Data Law.


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