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Intelligent forms processing automation

Automate processing thousands of forms simply and securely.

TeleForm is a super optimized solution to automate massive data capture processes in documents with standardized formats, such as forms. It has powerful data recognition and extraction capabilities including OCR, ICR, OMR, QRCode and others. TeleForm is used by the largest teaching and research organizations in Brazil and the world, to execute massive and highly critical processes with high efficiency, safety and quality.

TeleForm automatically captures, classifies, and extracts information from paper and electronic documents using powerful recognition technologies and creating ready-to-consume content in real time. Eliminates time-consuming manual document screening and data entry.



Form Design

TeleForm Designer is a visual tool allowing designers to quickly create forms optimized for printing and data capture. Forms are very easy to design in the interface using a drag-and-drop approach to layout and configuration for recognition. Fields can be configured to understand how to recognize and process captured information. Scripts and rules can be used to further process the captured information.

Forms Distribution

TeleForm provides a powerful way to create and distribute forms using multiple channels. Once templates are ready, forms can be created using information from a database and other systems, then distributed as needed, sent to print, emailed, stored in a PDF file, and more. This is essential in solutions that require distributing forms to thousands of people.

Automatic Classification and Recognition

TeleForm Reader is used to evaluate image files automatically, eliminating the need for manual classification. Reader sorts and evaluates image files by comparing them to templates created in Designer. Reader performs two critical tasks:

  • Document Identification (types of forms).
  • Evaluation of data found in the returned images.

Reader works automatically without the need for manual sorting. After identifying a template (document type), TeleForm’s recognition technology interprets its input fields of check box (OMR), machine print (OCR), handprint (ICR), barcode, and other type of data fields. TeleForm Reader works unattended, so collected forms can be processed day and night, making it possible to handle any volume by scaling as many simultaneous Reader processes as necessary.

Validation & Verification

Once the information is collected, TeleForm can validate it against other systems to ensure accuracy. Example: validating a student’s Id number against school databse.

If information on a Form is not completely clear, TeleForm may flag the information for review in TeleForm Verifier.

TeleForm Verifier is a visual tool that highlights information that it believes needs to be reviewed (based on configurable thresholds) and allows a user to review and confirm or correct the information.

Data Export

When TeleForm collects form data, it can export data and images to many different sources and other applications, including databases, file systems, and records and content management systems.

Use Cases

Admission Tests Capture 


The process of capturing results from the massive application of printed tests, whether for new students admission or subjects evaluations. Selection and evaluation processes in schools and universities with thousands of students are critical and complex task.

Manually processing test results is an expensive process that requires big efforts and time, and is highly susceptible to human error.

TeleForm allows you to automate data capture in massive processes for applying entrance or assessment tests. Using TeleForm technology, public and private educational institutions obtain the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Meet the deadlines required by compliance for results publishing.
  • Reduce the education compliance risks of manual processes that could alter results.
  • Flexibility and agility to adapt new types of tests and assessments.
  • Automatic integration of results with other publishing, management and statistical systems.

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