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Big Data & Machine Learning Analytics

Big Data & BI Modernization

Most companies face challenges simply to store and manage large and growing volumes of data, let’s not talk about perform analysis to detect patterns or predict behaviors on data. Introducing the Unified Analytics Warehouse solution, truly built for the Big Data era, enabling organizations to track the size and complexity of massive volumes of data, with the ability to unify their analytics while maintaining their data wherever they are and creating real data-driven solutions, such as: predictive maintenance, Customer engagement, churn reduction, log analysis, fraud detection, financial regulation, network optimization and much more.


Who can benefit from this solution?

  • Insurance Companies.
  • Telecom Companies.
  • Financial Sector.
  • Industry, Retail and e-commerce.
  • Or any organization needs to analyze large volumes of data.


  • Manage large volumes of data at exabyte scale.
  • Provide faster analytics, up to 50 times faster than any data warehouse.
  • Easy to integrate with any existing BI and ETL tools.
  • Support for open source innovations (Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, Python and more).
  • Advanced analytics included (time series, geospatial, statistics, machine learning and more).
  • Deployment freedom On-premises, multi-cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Alibaba), hybrid.

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CCEE – Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization

Vertica and Imexperts streamlines move to a new energy pricing model with advanced analytics benefiting all market participants. 

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Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Financial services institutions (FSIs) need to continually run countless simulations and scenarios to assess risk and other regulator-ready benchmarks and metrics. It’s not only risk analysis that financial services and other enterprises must worry about. Detecting and identifying fraudulent activity – with credit cards, deposits, insurance, and more – has become an area of increased importance to organizations across the financial value chain. Vertica enables the financial services ecosystem to analyze and make informed decisions in near real time with SQL-based built-in machine learning algorithms, and unparalleled efficiency, performance, and scalability.

Who can benefit from this solution? 

  • Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Financial departments of corporate credit.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Inspection and collection agencies.


  • Real-time informed decision making.
  • Advanced techniques to detect patterns and fraud activity using Machine Learning.
  • Financial Risk and Credit Score Decision trees analysis.
  • Correlate data sources for regulatory compliance.

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Vertica implementation facilitated the generation of compliance and audit reports. Formerly, the supply of bulk reports was a time and human consuming job, whereas it takes minutes now.

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Internet of Things 

The IoT was designed to include billions of connected devices, generating an massive amount of data. In the real world, through cases like predictive maintenance, smart metering or telemedicine, data-driven companies are reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and creating new business models. To capitalize on the value of data, your organization must do more than simply collect large amounts of sensor data, you need a solution capable of analyzing all that data in real time.

Who can benefit from this solution?

  • Industry and equipment manufacturers.
  • Transport and delivery services.
  • Electronic devices and wearables.
  • Electric, water and sanitation supply services.
  • Medical equipment and diagnostic medicine.


  • Predictive maintenance
  • Telemetry
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Telemedicine
  • Monitoring of supply networks
  • Geolocation

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Philips Healthcare

Discover how Philips is moving towards zero unplanned downtime for medical imaging systems equipment using remote monitoring and predictive analytics with VERTICA technology. 

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Análise de Comportamento
do Cliente

Analisar volumes massivos de diversas fontes de dados de interação com clientes, incluindo- logs da web, canais de vendas, registros de cliques, sistemas de CRM ou contact centers, gerados a uma velocidade extrema para obter uma visão de 360º do comportamento dos Clientes. Com insights analíticos avançados e machine learning, sua organização pode melhorar a experiência do cliente.

Quem pode se beneficiar dessa solução?

  • Empresas de Varejo.
  • Serviços on-line.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Serviços Públicos.
  • Áreas de Marketing de empresas.


  • Análise preditiva para redução de Churn.
  • Segmentação e classificação automática de Clientes.
  • Melhorar a eficácia das campanhas de marketing.
  • Recomendações automáticas de produtos e serviços.
  • Análise de consumo para Redução nos custos de aquisição.

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Nossa plataforma VERTICA é instrumental em muitas áreas de nosso negócio – criando algoritmos preditivos, fornecendo recomendações de produtos, fornecendo informações para nossos aplicativos móveis e gerando relatórios diários e consultas ad hoc. É crucial para nos permitir ser mais ágeis com os dados.

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